Favorite Podcasts



Agile | Scrum | Kanban

Agile:NEXT (favorite episodes: episode 30 with Zuzi Sochova and episode 31 with James Gifford)

This Agile Life with Amos King and John Sextro (favorite episode: episode 117 –Rubber Duck Effect (Scrum to Kanban)

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast (just discovered this one!)


Simple Programmer Podcast with John Sonmez

#CodeNewbie Podcast with Saron Yitbarek (favorite episode: episode 104 with Scrum Master Anjuan Simmons) They also have an active, very supportive Slack channel for code newbies (and veterans) to help each other.

Start Here: Web Development with Dain Miller I love this one. Started with the last one and then decided to start from the beginning. The only negative is the show notes they mention in the podcast no longer exist for the most part. So be prepared to take notes.

Learn to Code with Me with Laurence Bradford

Complete Developer Podcast I’ve been jumping around with this one rather than going in order. The last one was awesome, Scrum Project Management.

And when all else fails, you can crib John Sonmez’s Ultimate List of Developer Podcasts.

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