Yay Code School badges!

Me with my Girl Scout badges

Me with my Girl Scout badges

Everybody loves badges! ( I know I did as a Girl Scout! And I have the badge-festooned vest to prove it.)

Check out my Code School Badge page. Doesn’t it make you want one too? LOL. (And yes, Girl Scouts now have digital badges too. I want to be a Girl Scout again.)

I want to thank Code School for holding another free 3-day weekend. They are also offering 50% off on an annual subscription until August 31, 2017.

There is so much to learn there and many people I look up to consider it the best source for learning to code, so that’s a pretty heavy endorsement. I’m seriously considering it. The only thing stopping me is that I am trying to focus on WordPress and they don’t have WordPress modules. I spent the weekend working on PHP and Git, so it’s still very usable. Plus there’s HTML and CSS for starting out as well as Javascript, Ruby, Laravel and SQL.