South Florida Code Camp 2017

Went to South Florida Code Camp 2017 today. A lot of fun. Great to see some people I haven’t seen in a while and some that I see every month. Got some swag. Had breakfast and lunch. Worked on my project during the first seminar because the speaker did not show. Wrote this post during last seminar because speaker did not show (!). Jyoti did a good job stepping in although it is obvious he was a node.js newbie himself. Kudos to him for being fearless.

Learned about the alphabet soup of agile certifications with Anjali Leon. First time hearing about ICAgile. One of the seminars was unspeakably boring. One was really exciting–Control Your Apps with Your Brain by Ibis Arrastia .

The speaker for my first and last seminars did not show (stage fright?). (Last year I only had one that did not show up and a guy got up there and waxed poetic for an hour off the cuff it was great.)

I just noticed my favorite speakers this year were both women. Coincidence?