Coursera, Skillcrush, and Free Code Camp Fort Lauderdale


In my CourseraHTML, CSS & Javascript” course I learned about void elements and 3 types of breaks (<br>, <hr>, <wbr>) as well as pseudo classes.

I also impulsively signed up for a Skillcrush bundle in Front End Development and WordPress Development. I’m such a sucker for good marketing and rah rah cheerleading. Plus, they offered a discount. I feel like I need a little push. Skillcrush gives me a schedule, so I feel more pressure to actually work (at least one hour) everyday, plus I have spent money on it and I hate wasting money.

Tonight was also the second meeting of Free Code Camp Fort Lauderdale, a Facebook group. It was a great meeting. We shared resources and commiserated about some of the harder things we have encountered. Played around on CodeWars, HackerRank and discovered a great YouTuber  affiliated with Free Code Camp and his playlist of 50 javascript tutorials. Great group of dudes (yeah I’m the only chick).

Also tonight I was unable to fall asleep. Usually I mindlessly read my twitter and Facebook feeds, play BingoPop and read Lifehacker. I did  a little bit of that, but then I realized the futility of those things and decided to go to my Coursera course instead. That’s one reason i started it–it’s easily accessible on mobile so I have no excuse for not learning something new everyday.

In other news, I have done absolutely nothing for my MBA Marketing class for the last two days. I guess Wednesday is my MBA day for this week.

Some great reads from earlier today:

One great find: W3C Validator