Saturday Coding Club and Managing for Happiness

Work Log 7/30/16


During my CourseraHTML, CSS & Javascript” time at Saturday Coding Club, I learned about different things you can do with ordered lists, such as starting with a particular number, reversing the number count (ex: 100—>1), ordering your list with letters instead of numbers. I learned about lists before, but not these interesting and useful details.
Also learned about audio and video elements. Audio elements and video elements, which I probably will not use anytime soon as I find audio on webpages quite annoying, are quite easy to implement. I may try it out just for kicks.

I made some changes to my github page and added a private repository for my pet project, MilkMatch. Now all I have to do is learn how to make it. I am in the process of listing the requirements and nice-to-haves for the apps. I checked out OnlyTheBreast, which differs in that women there are offering to sell milk not share milk. They also offer breastmilk for individuals who are not babies. My app would be for peer-to-peer milksharing as advocated by Human Milk for Human Babies, not the selling of milk. Even so, I was not impressed with the set-up of this page. It is not user-friendly. I can’t filter for what I’m looking for or for what I have to offer.

About last night . .  .

The Jurgen Appello meetup with South Florida Agile Association was in a word . .  . awesome. He is very personable funny but also good at conveying concepts in a way that is easy-to-understand and remember. I was particularly impressed with his idea of peer-to-peer bonuses. I think something like that could really work and lift spirits. It kills the sense of entitlement while encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
A great visual sketchnote from someone who saw his Agile 2016 talk in Atlanta . . .

After the talk I ordered his book, Managing for Happiness from Amazon. Can’t wait to get it this Thursday. Jurgen has very helpfully posted the slide decks from his recent talks so I can keep his ideas top of mind by reviewing them. He also gave a great TEDx talk about the ideas in his book.