What I did today

Work and Fun Log 07/27/16

So, I went to a meetup tonight that purported to teach us the basics of building a webpage, for which we would need a github account, Github Desktop, and Atom. I had all those things on my laptop anyway. These items were listed on the meetup description but for some reason, no one else had bother to do the pre-work of installing those items. I guess that is endemic of South Florida. So the class did not get far as we were slowed down and eventually stopped by people who were unable to set up their environment. On top of that their air conditioning had just cut out, so it was hella hot so they had a huge fan running, which meant I could barely hear the speaker (yeah, that was a run-on sentence).When we did get rolling, for a little bit, the idea was to set up a github.io page, which I already had (tonomoshia.github.io). While he was talking I just spruced up my existing page since I can’t make another github.io page. Turns out I haven’t touched it in 3 months (!!!) so it was good to revisit it. I did learn how to use Github Desktop. I’ve used it before, but clearly I was not optimizing my usage of it because I had no idea how cool and incredibly useful it is! I also got to speak with two new friends I recently met at other meetups while we were waiting for technical details to be worked out so that was cool. Not much coding was done, or not as much as was planned.

In other news, I went to Waffle Wednesday at Mad Studios in Fort Lauderdale. This was the inaugural Broward Waffle Wednesday. They have been doing it for two years in Miami. The waffles were hella good. I was not expecting to like red velvet waffles, but I’m a believer now. I also brought my mom along which was fun. She’s off for the summer (as she is a teacher) so she happy to tag along and she even met some people who might need her tutoring service for their kids. Same spot next Wednesday, and every other, but I don’t think I can swing it every week.