Day 23.5 #100DaysOfCode

Finished chapter one of the Ruby on Rails tutorial. Learned about Ruby and Ruby on Rails, installed an older version of both ruby and rails in order to be in sync with the tutorial, installed git, heroku and changed a gemfile, deployed an app to heroku (that part took the longest. You can see my ‘hello world’ ruby app here. Not much to see. Also played with Bitbucket and SourceTree.

So I will start chapter 2 tomorrow.

Tried a new code editor, TweakyStyle. So far, I’m not digging it. I like the preview, but my mouse and trackpad don’t work too well with it and it is hard to select things on the page.

Discovered GitLab, but I haven’t tried it out yet; I just signed up for it.

Also tonight I made a page. It is a good way to learn how to do this pulling, merging, pushing rigamarole. It’s not natural yet, but it’s good practice.

I have been taking things from my nascent profile page and putting it in the page. So far the last addition I made doesn’t look too hot, but it’s late and I gotta go to bed. I will be back at it tomorrow.