The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on Things via @james_clear

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Definitely this Akrasia concept hits home for me. (I wish Akrasia wasn’t such a pretty word.) When you have current goodies staring you in the face, whether that be cookies, a favorite tv show, playing a game it’s hard to forego those for things you could gain in the future. Those current goodies are a sure thing; the future rewards are not.

I think small wins can help. For example, when I weighed 213 pounds many years ago, a small loss of 3 pounds gave me hope that I could lose all the weight  a little bit at a time. A little muscle definition in my arms from a couple of weeks of P90X allowed me to visualize more definition and stamina in 6 months and keep going on. It’s important to have those early wins.