it’s a start

Okay, so I am using this to document my foray into coding.

I have been working with FreeCodeCamp since September 11, so today makes 10 days. Well, it is past midnight so technically 11, but whatever. I have also looked into Iron Hack, Codecademy, Udacity,, some MOOCS, Epicodus, etc. I’m going to stick with FreeCodeCamp for now and consult other resources when I get stuck.

I went to a Meetup run by IronHack, a coding bootcamp, last week and learned a little JavaScript. That was fun. They have another Meetup next month on HTML and CSS and I plan to go to that one too.

I have been immersing myself in websites about coding, coders, programming languages. Some of it is a bit overwhelming, but I can get something out of most things and save links so I can look at them again when I understand more.

I have a nursing infant so the majority of my coding practice has been done with him in my lap, on my shoulder, or attached to me. I’m beginning to master the one-hand hunt-and-peck method.

Also currently enrolled in an MBA program so I am basically learning something new all the time.

While I am learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc, I have my son learning Python, rather I will be working with him in a book to learn Python. (This week we have been working on lessons for kids.) I hope I don’t get too confused.

Cool things I have accessed so far:

My goal is to code every day, even if it’s just a little bit. I skipped one day (last Wednesday)  and I felt like I lost some of what I learned.